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December 2016

NUX MOSCHATA (Nux-m.) – نکس موشکاٹا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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NUX MOSCHATA (Nux-m.)  - نکس موشکاٹا   DRYNESS & SLEEPINESS   MENTAL DULLNESS, CONFUSION AND SLEEPINESS. STATE AS IF IN A DREAM. Clairvoyance. Weakness or loss of memory, lack of concentration, abstraction of mind. Confusion when walking in the open air. Does not recognize, forgets well known streets. Makes mistakes in localities, uses the wrong words. Vanishing thoughts while reading, speaking or writing. Periodical attacks of short lasting absent-mindedness. Delusions he’s three persons, of being double, of floating in the air, that everything is strange. Hysteria. Changeable mood esp. during heat. Weeping alternating with laughter. Stupefaction < menses, pregnancy.   PHYSICAL GREAT DRYNESS OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES esp. MOUTH, EYES. Dryness of mouth with thirstlessness <during menses, evening, night. Tongue so dry that adheres to roof of mouth. They sip water only to moist the mouth, they can even spit it afterwards. Sensation of dryness when mouth is moist. Indicated in Sjogren’s syndrome. OVERPOWERING SLEEPINESS (Op.). Narcolepsy. Disposition to FAINT from sight of blood, pains, hysteria, during palpitations, during stool etc. Anxious, accelerated respiration during headache. Sensation of fullness in stomach during pregnancy. Irregular, late, copious menses. Menses during pregnancy. Suppressed menses from exertion, from chill, from getting wet. Constipation, soft [...]

NITRICUM ACIDUM (Nit-ac.) – نائٹرک ایسڈ – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  NITRICUM ACIDUM (Nit-ac.) - نائٹرک ایسڈ - نائٹریکم ایسڈم   The Nit-ac. patient is miserable, in a state of constant dissatisfaction. They are never pleased by anything. They become nihilistic to the point that life is meaningless. The characteristic on the physical level is the sluggish circulation, the splinter-like pains and the offensiveness of the discharges.   MISERABLE, ANXIOUS WITH STITCHING PAINS AND OFFENSIVE DISCHARGES   MENTAL ANXIETY ABOUT HEALTH. Fear of impending disease, cancer, death. Hypochondriacal anxiety. Unforgiving, bears a grudge. Unmoved by apologies. NIHILISTIC. Irritable, sad, cursing. Never cheerful. Suicidal disposition.   PHYSICAL STITCHING, SPLINTER-LIKE PAINS. Their special seat of action is where mucous membranes and skin meet. OFFENSIVE DISCHARGES. URINE SMELLS LIKE HORSE’S URINE. Offensive perspiration. Excoriating perspiration of feet that destroy the socks. UNREFRESHING SLEEP. Waking at 2 a.m. CRACKS about lips, corners of mouth. Fissured tongue. Cracking in jaw when chewing, in joints, in ankle or knee while walking. Warts. Chilly.   MODALITIES DES.: FAT, salt, indigestible things, earth, chalk, clay. AVERS.: cheese esp. strong, eggs. AGG.: milk, eating, jar, after stool, after coition. AMEL.: riding, loosening clothing, lying, wet weather.

Homeopathic Treatment for Postpartum Depression: A Case Report

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Vitalie Văcăraş, MD, PhD, George Vithoulkas, Anca Dana Buzoianu, PhD, Ioan Mărginean, MD, PhD, Zoltan Major, MD, PhD, Veronica Văcăraş, PhD, Romulus Dan Nicoară, MA, Menachem Oberbaum, MD Abstract Postpartum psychosis has long-lasting consequences for mother and child. Beside depression, sleep and eating disturbances, exhaustion, social withdrawal, and anxiety, postpartum depression can also interfere with normal maternal-infant bonding and adversely affect child development. Recent reports show that most affected pregnant women are hesitant about taking antidepressant drugs, with a high percentage discontinuing their use. Some authors suggest that the reluctance of pregnant women to take antidepressant drugs should encourage clinicians to discuss with their patients the use of psychological interventions or alternative forms of treatment. In this article, a case of severe postpartum depression, treated successfully with homeopathic therapy, is presented. Considering the high noncompliance of women suffering from postpartum depression with conventional antidepressant medication, research in safe complementary medical methods is justified. One of these methods should be homeopathy. Keywords postpartum depression, homeopathy, agnus castus Most studies identify 3 psychiatric postpartum disorders: postpartum blues, postpartum depression, and postpartum psychosis. Postpartum blues is a self-limited period of instable mood and usually improves during the first weeks postpartum without treatment. It is detected in 39% to 85% of women after giving birth.1,2 Clinical manifestations of postpartum depression include [...]

NATRUM SULPHURICUM (Nat-s.) – نیٹرم سلفیوریکم – نیٹرم سلف Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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NATRUM SULPHURICUM (Nat-s.) - نیٹرم سلفیوریکم - نیٹرم سلف   WORSE IN WARM WET WEATHER - CHEERFUL AFTER STOOL    MENTAL  Loathing life, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS by shooting but restrains himself because of grief given to relatives. CHEERFUL AFTER STOOL. Mental symptoms AFTER INJURIES TO HEAD OR SPINE (confusion, dullness, sadness, insanity). Fastidious, too much sense of duty.   PHYSICAL  <WET WEATHER. Feels every change in weather from dry to wet. Difficult, asthmatic respiration, < 04:00 to 05:00, <wet, damp weather. Diarrhoea with loud flatus, on rising and moving about. Diarrhoea from sudden joy, after rich food, during jaundice. HIP JOINT DISEASE <LEFT (almost a specific remedy). Liver and gall bladder affections (inflammation, swelling, enlargement, atrophy, congestion, gall stones, etc.). Warts. Condylomata red and soft. Ailments after head injuries (headache, vertigo, mental symptoms). Photophobia during headache.   MODALITIES  AGG.: wet weather esp. warm, farinaceous food, fruits, vegetables, potatoes. AMEL.: after stool, diarrhoea, open air. DES.: cold drinks, salty fish, ice, beer. AVERS.: sour milk and yoghurt, beer, bread.   NATRUM SULPHURICUM (Nat-s.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) Asthma, diarrhea, ailments from head injury. Aggravation from damp weather, at 5a.m. RESPIRATORY: asthma and dyspnea aggravated in warm wet weather, at 5am. DIARRHOEA:   diarrhoea [...]

NATRUM MURIATICUM (Nat-m.) – نیٹرم میور – نیٹرم میوریاٹیکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  NATRUM MURIATICUM (Nat-m.) - نیٹرم میور  - نیٹرم میوریاٹیکم   The characteristic of Nat-m. is the fear of rejection, of being ridiculed. They are very sensitive and vulnerable, so if they get hurt they close up, keeping their sorrow inside and eventually become hard, with no emotions to the extent that they cannot cry. The fear of being ridiculed prevents them from doing things. If they cry they’ll be alone to avoid the ridicule to others. They are proper and perfectionists. The grief leaves scars on them, they change and become closed and mistrustful. They think of the grief for a long time after, cannot overcome it. It is interesting that salt is used as preservation medium.   INTROVERTED, VULNERABLE, AILMENTS FROM GRIEF   MENTAL Emotional vulnerability makes her reserved and oversensitive. AILMENTS FROM GRIEF, FROM DISAPPOINTED LOVE. Silent grief. Dwells on past, disagreeable circumstances. Cannot weep though sad. Aversion to company. CONSOLATION AGGRAVATES. Prefers to be alone. Presence of people is intolerable during urination. Cannot urinate. Avoids being hurt at all cost. Fear of rejection. Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of robbers. Hysterical weeping. Weeping alternating with laughing. Laughing immoderately, at unsuitable times. Uncontrollable emotions, falls in love [...]

NATRUM CARBONICUM (Nat-c.) نیٹرم کارب – نیٹرم کاربونیکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  NATRUM CARBONICUM (Nat-c.) نیٹرم کارب - نیٹرم کاربونیکم    In this remedy the sensitivity is prominent in all levels. They are sensitive like all Natrums but they have a characteristic sensitivity to the presence of other people. They can perceive the ‘aura’ of people and sometimes they find it intolerable to stay around certain persons. They cannot explain it logically, it’s rather an intuitive reaction. They are very refined people who are moved by music, they are very giving people who like to take care of others, putting themselves second. Physically we see strong sensitivity to certain foods (milk) and to sun.    AFFECTIONS OF STOMACH, INTOLERANCE TO SUN, AVERSION TO MILK    MENTAL AVERSION TO CERTAIN PERSONS. SENSITIVE TO CERTAIN IMPRESSIONS. Sensitive to music. Depression from errors of diet.   PHYSICAL  THE STOMACH IS MAINLY AFFECTED (indigestion, pain, nausea etc.). Stomach pain <touch. Nausea in warm room. INDIGESTION. Indigestion from farinaceous food. AVERSION TO AND AGGRAVATION FROM MILK (disordered stomach, flatulence, diarrhoea, stomach pain, vomiting). WORSE FROM EXPOSURE TO SUN (weakness, headache, confusion, vertigo, fever, head heaviness). SUNSTROKE. Great weakness caused by summer heat. Mental exertion causes or aggravates vertigo, headache, weakness, coldness of feet, asthmatic respiration etc. [...]

November 2016

MURIATICUM ACIDUM (Mur-ac.) – میوریٹیکم ایسڈ – ایسڈ میور Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MURIATICUM ACIDUM (Mur-ac.) - میوریٹیکم ایسڈ - ایسڈ میور     This remedy is exhausted on the physical level. The exhaustion is such that they cannot support the body. They slide down in bed, the lower jaw is hanging down. The organs are collapsing, the rectum is prolapsed with haemorrhoids. The mind is also so  tired and weak, that they are sad and indifferent to everything.    WEAKNESS    MENTAL WEAKNESS, WEARINESS- feels too weak to live on his own. Indifference and sadness due to exhaustion. Taciturn. Introvert. Persistent loud moaning. Muttering. Restlessness.    PHYSICAL Affinity to blood and muscles esp. heart and mucous membranes. GREAT DEBILITY AND WEAKNESS dropping down of lower jaw, slides down in bed. Muscular prostration from blood poisoning going onto paralysis. Toxic paralysis. HÆMORRHOIDS, bluish, sensitive, painful < touch. OFFENSIVE secretions, breath, and body odor. Vertigo comes on moving eyes and lying on right side. Tongue stiff and paralyzed. Urine passes slowly, feeble stream. Involuntary stool while urinating.  Burning, tearing pains.   MODALITIES AGG.: bathing in sea, seashore, standing. AMEL.: touch, pressure, rubbing, motion. DES.: alcohol. AVERS.: meat (also agg.).   MURIATIC ACID (Mur-ac.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) Extreme weakness. Prolapsus. Inflammatory conditions of [...]

MEZEREUM (Mez.) – میزیریم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MEZEREUM (Mez.) - میزیریم    THICK, CRUSTY, DISCHARGING ERUPTIONS    MENTAL ANXIETY, FEAR FELT AND ARISING IN STOMACH (Calc., Kali-c.). Empty feeling, as if something was going to happen. Anxiety when alone. Confusion of mind from interruption, knows not where he is, cannot distinguish objects around him. Vanishing thoughts while speaking. Causeless anger. Apathy, indifference, everything seems dead to him.    PHYSICAL ERUPTIONS: THICK, CRUSTY, discharging WHITE PUS BENEATH (esp. scalp). Ailments from suppressed eruptions (Graph., Sulph., Zinc.) Eczema on back of hand with itchy vesicles. Chilly, aggravated by cold - 'cold to the bone'. Affected parts become cold. Internal burning with external violent, burning itching in spots. Skin burning from perspiration. Produces violent, burning, stitching pains in the muscles.  Sudden pains followed by chilliness, numbness and soreness. Burning in urethra at close of urination with mucous. Discharge from urethra.   MODALITIES DES.: FAT, HAM, bacon. AVERS.: milk. AGG.: evening, touch, cold, bathing. AMEL.: eating while, open air.

MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS (Merc.) – مرکسال Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS (Merc.) - مرکسال   INTROVERT WITH OFFENSIVE BREATH, METALLIC TASTE, SALIVATION   MENTALS INTROVERT, FEELS THREATENED Aggressive- impulse to kill, to do violent things. STAMMERING, mild, not violent. Impolite, contrary, reproaches others, aversion to his family, discontented.   PHYSICAL EXCESSIVE SALIVATION, wets the pillow during sleep. METALLIC TASTE IN THE MOUTH. OFFENSIVE BREATH. WHITE TONGUE. Tongue swollen, flabby, indented. Complaints of mucous membranes, excoriation (burn like fire). Aphthae. Gums are bleeding. PROFUSE PERSPIRATION with every complaint <night. Perspiration gives no relief. All symptoms are aggravated during or after perspiration. PAINS WORSE AT NIGHT.  Worse both extremes of temperature, heat and cold. Great weakness and trembling from slight exertion.   MODALITIES AGG.: night, perspiration, touch, heat and cold, lying on right side, warm air. AMEL.: sleep, falling asleep, cold, sour food. DES.: bread and butter, cold drinks, liquids, lemons. AVERS.: brandy, strong cheese.   MERCURY SOLUBILIS (Merc.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) All complaints accompanied by offensive mouth, salivation, white indented tongue, metallic taste. KEYWORDS: offensive, white tongue, salivation, aggravation by heat and at night. MOUTH: white tongue, imprinted with the teeth. Aphthae. TEETH: inflammation of gums abscesses. Bleeding gums. All pathologies are accompanied by metallic taste, offensive breath, [...]

MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS (Merc-c.) مرکیورس کار – مرک کار Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS (Merc-c.) مرکیورس کار - مرک کار   VIOLENCE OF SYMPTOMS, INTENSE BURNING, RAPID SPREAD    MENTAL Impulsive, violent and active in movements. Startled from sleep, or on falling asleep. Dullness, memory weakness, stupefaction. Anxious and restless.   PHYSICAL BURNING: discharges, urine, urethral discharge, aphthae, pains. All discharges are acrid, excoriating, causing burning. Feeling of constriction and internal burning in rectum, neck of bladder. TENESMUS of bladder and rectum. Continuous urging for stool and urination. Only few drops of urine are coming out. Urine hot, burning, passed drop by drop, albuminous and bloody. Little stool is coming out with burning and blood. Remedy par excellence for ulcerative colitis. Conjunctivitis painful and severe. With acrid lachrymation. Specific for syphilitic iritis. Gingivitis, with swelling, bleeding and burning pains. Salivation. Sweats from every motion. Throat intensely inflamed, burning <on pressure. Spasmodic constriction of throat compelling him to retch and swallow constantly. Swelling of throat, cervical and submaxillary glands. Cracks and swelling of nipples.    MODALITIES AGG.: NIGHT pressure, lying on the side, exertion, after urination. AMEL.: rest, lying on back, motion. DES.: cold drinks, sour food. AVERS.: hot or warm food.

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