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Articles from: March 2010

Techniques for Successful Repertorization by George Vithoulkas

Techniques for Successful Repertorization of Homeopathic Case by George Vithoulkas One could say that solving a homeopathic case is easy in theory. One has only to choose the correct symptoms, underline them correctly, and the computer will find the simillimum. Or better still, memorize all the remedies and then give the simillimum based on your knowledge of materia medica without even opening up a repertory. Some cases will lend themselves to these methods. Unfortunately, many cases have such complexity to them that in order to find the simillimum a variety of skills need to be mastered. One's skills would include: The ability to know all variations of the human condition as much as possible, so that any symptom or distortion from "health" is easily recognized by you. This is the wisdom of SEEING THINGS AS THEY ARE and knowing the possibilities of pathology in human nature. To know the objectives, goals and limits of cure in each case. The prognosis. The ability to have a keen sense of intuition and powerful skills of observation all working in harmony to extract the relevant and factual information from the patient. The ability to experience this information without read more [...]

Strategies of Homeopathic Case Taking by George Vithoulkas

At times in the case-taking process it is of essential importance to disregard the suggestions that have been made by the computer and ask some basic case-taking questions such as: Is this person really healthy on the emotional level? For example, is he / she able to express his emotions with strength and clarity? Is he flexible or rigid? Is he finding creative solutions to problems or getting more trapped? Does he have a strong sense of purpose, value and meaning in his life, or is there apathy and indifference? How much strength of individuality is in his identity or is he weak and unassertive? What is his balance between selfishness with a strong boundary and the over caring, over sympathetic and too selfless individual who ends up as a victim? Did he/she pass through the developmental stages easily? What stages is he still trapped in? What negative emotions are there? What are the positive ones? Finally, is his health based on freedom to make choices or does the pattern of the "subconscious" make decisions for him and restrict his freedom?" How are the symptoms connected to the patient's life and his development as a person? What exactly was the way the patient read more [...]
About - Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani, The chief consultant and director at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore is highly educated, writer and a blogger He has done his B.Sc and then Masters in Philosophy, Urdu, Pol. Science and Persian from the University of Punjab. Studied DHMS in Noor Memorial Homeopathic College, Lahore and is a registered Homeopathic practitioner from National Council of Homeopathy, Islamabad He did his MBA (Marketing and Management) from The International University. He is working as a General Manager in a Publishing and printing company since 1992. Mr Hussain went to UK for higher education and done his MS in Strategic Management from University of Wales, UK...
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