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Articles from: May 2010

The Most Important Constitutional Homeopathic Remedies

(Kiel Wassily) I prefer to speak of the constitution of our remedies instead of constitutional remedies. You will agree with me that Sulphur, Calcarea carbonica, Lycopodium, and Thuja should be mentioned first, if I am to speak of constitutional remedies, which I shall try to present in pictures. Sulphur is the most important, the main remedy in Hahnemann’s psora treatment. It is the best agent where there is lack of reaction of the body. This lack of reaction is, of course, more or less dependent upon constitutional conditions. It is therefore indispensable also in acute conditions, and the chief remedy in diseases following suppressed skin troubles. Farrington thinks it is a racial remedy for negroes, because they are widely suffering from scrofulosis. The constitutional indication for Sulphur is found in those who have all kinds of skin affections, unpleasant skin odour, aversion to water and bathing; they drink much and eat little, have a stooping walk; all orifices are red, red ears especially in children; they are vexed easily and tend to melancholia. Intuitively I recognize a Sulphur patient when he enters the room; he looks dirty. There is disturbed circulation, irregularity read more [...]

Homeopathic Remedy Arsenicum Album Ars. – Materia Medica ViVa – George Vithoulkas

Arsenicum album Acidum arsenicosum English: White arsenic, arsenious acid, Arsenic Trioxide French: Arsenic, Oxyde blanc d'arsenic, Acide arsenieux German: Arsenik, Arsenige Saure Mode of preparation: 5 centigrams are put into a vial with 4 grams of distilled water; the arsenic is dissolved by heating it, and water is added as it evaporates. Then 4 grams of alcohol are added to this and mixed well. One drop is then added from this preparation to one thousand drops of a mixture that is equal parts water and alcohol. Ten drops from this solution are added to a bottle containing ninety drops of alcohol. This is the second attenuation, and all the succeeding attenuations are made in this way. A second method used by Hahnemann was to triturate one grain of white arsenic with 100 grains of sugar of milk, making three triturations in succession, so that afterwards he would be able to make the remaining attenuations the liquid way. The essential features Arsenicum is a classic remedy; its general characteristics are well-known to all homeopathic practitioners. Originally proven by Hahnemann himself, Arsenicum has since been exhaustively described in every materia medica. The read more [...]
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