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February 2016

KEYNOTES derived from Homeopathic Material Medica VIVA George Vithoulkas – Hussain Kaisrani HOMEOPATHIC Consultancy Lahore

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  ACONITUM NAPELLUS (Acon.) All ailments acute or chronic are attended by fear of impending death and the feeling that death is imminent or near. Ailments that arise from fright that threatened the life of the person.     FEAR OF IMPENDING DEATH     MENTAL     AILMENTS FROM FRIGHT.   FEARS: DEATH (during labor, pregnancy, menses, heart symptoms), predicts the time of death, presentiment of death. OPEN SPACES, NARROW PLACES, TUNNELS, EARTHQUAKE, CROWD, AIRPLANE, heart disease, darkness.   PANIC STATES accompanied by: palpitations, red face, one sided numbness, faintness, restlessness, perspiration, trembling, vertigo, dyspnoea, fear of death.   Calm between panic states. PHYSICAL   Acute symptoms arise from EXPOSURE TO DRY COLD AIR or WIND (cough, eye inflammation, coryza, prosopalgia). From becoming cold during perspiration.   During fever the skin is dry and hot, there is intense nervous restlessness and tossing about, chills, with intense thirst for cold water, one cheeck is red and hot and the other pale and cold. Face bloated and red. Redness alternating with paleness. Internal coldness felt in vessels. Gastritis after eating or drinking cold things. Affections of heart, congestion, endocarditis, pericarditis. Heart affections with numbness of left upper limb. Hypertrophy with tingling [...]

SOME REMARKS ON ARNICA, CACTUS AND GELSEMIUM – Talks on Classical Homeopathy Part 3 – Discussion with Geroge Vithoulkas

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  SOME REMARKS ON HOMEOPATHIC ARNICA, CACTUS AND GELSEMIUM George: Do you remember from the conference last year where the man was describing that he had an accident and took Ara. It was interesting. He said that it affected him very much. After two days he started to have a severe, constricted pain in the chest. Arn. did not work any more and he took some Chinese acupuncture which caused improvement. What was the remedy which he should have taken? First he took Arn. because he had bruises and the pain went away. But then this constriction developed which was very severe and he had to take painkillers. Arn. is not indicated anymore, of course, but Cact. will act like magic. Al has shown me a very interesting description of what is going on in a Gels. case. There was internal tremblings and pleural symptoms. The trembling was "up and down and around". Responses : Gels. is not listed under "internal trembling" in the repertory. George : Yes, it is interesting. When I described Gels. I told you about how he would be before going to court There would be internal trembling and loose bowel movements. Didn't I have that that [...]