28 11, 2016

HYPERICUM PERFORATUM (Hyper.) – ہائیپریکم – ہائیپریکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HYPERICUM PERFORATUM (Hyper.) - ہائیپریکم ہائیپریکم   INJURIES TO PERIPHERAL NERVES   MENTAL  MENTAL SYMPTOMS FROM HEAD INJURIES: depression, prostration, dullness. Oversensitive to pain. Delusions that hears the voice of dead people. Mistakes in writing, omits letters.   PHYSICAL INJURIES OF NERVES WITH GREAT PAIN. Constitutional effects from wounds. Injuries of parts rich in nerves, esp. fingertips, toes and coccyx, spine, nails, eye, head. Concussion of the spine, brain. Injuries to dental nerves. Lacerated, crushed finger tips. Lacerated tongue. Laceration of hands. Bad effects from falls or blows upon head or coccyx. Bruised coccyx after labor, after a fall or injury. Asthmatic respiration after injury to spine. Pain shooting upwards, along nerve. Pain appears suddenly and disappears gradually. Phantom pains (pain after amputation). Prevents lockjaw, tetanic convulsions, tetanic rigidity. Headache extending to zygoma, to cheek. Head, sensation as if being lifted up high into the air. Bunions and corns with excruciating pain. Pain in gums after extraction of teeth.   MODALITIES AGG.: cold (air, becoming), foggy weather. DES.: warm drinks.

28 11, 2016

HYOSCYAMUS NIGER (Hyos.) – ہائیوسیاموس Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HYOSCYAMUS NIGER (Hyos.) - ہائیوسیاموس   Hyoscyamus has jealousy, envy. This jealousy is not simple. The patient has a desire to attack and kill in a cold and calculating way. They can become paranoid that other people are plotting to harm them. The sexuality is perverted, they touch their genitals all the time (esp. children) and  they masturbate quite a lot. Another perversion is that they like to talk about feces or even play with them. The shameless is characteristic. We see a tendency to expose their nudity. They are going around the house naked, they leave the toilet door open, or they can become exhibitionists.     JEALOUSY, SUSPICIOUSNESS, TOUCHING GENITALS, SHAMELESSNESS   MENTAL JEALOUS. Ailments from jealousy. Desire to kill, sudden impulse. Desire to attack. SUSPICIOUS that he will be poisoned, that there is some plot against him. SHAMELESS, exposing the person. Obscene behavior. EXHIBITS HIS GENITALS. Takes off the clothes very easily, wants to be naked. Lascivious. Nymphomania. Perversions. PLAYING WITH FECES, URINE, AND THINGS THAT NAUSEATE. Talks about feces urine, genitalia, with no shame but rather with pleasure. Passes his feces on the floor. OBSESSIVE behavior, persistent thoughts. Counting all the time one, two, three, [...]

28 11, 2016

HYDROPHOBINUM / LYSSIN (Lyss.) – ہائڈروفوبینم لائیسن ہائیڈروفوبینم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HYDROPHOBINUM / LYSSIN (Lyss.) -  ہائڈروفوبینم  لائیسن  ہائیڈروفوبینم   VIOLENT TEMPER & FEAR OF WATER   MENTAL VIOLENT, IMPATIENT TEMPER, impelled to do reckless things, desire to throw child out of the window. RUDE, ABUSIVE, BITES AND STRIKES. (Reminds Stram. but Lyss. has more verbal violence). Rapid, hasty speech. Spitting. FEARS: water, narrow places, crowd, bright objects, mirrors, animals, being alone, something bad will happen Anticipatory anxiety. Feelings of being tormented, esp. by someone on whom he depends. Sympathetic. They can paralyze when they see suffering.   PHYSICAL Affects the nervous system, throat, and sexual organs. Acute senses- noise, light, odors. Bitter taste in mouth at night, spitting constantly. Convulsions and spasms brought on by DAZZLING light or sight of RUNNING WATER. Convulsions from strong odors, noises, light. Cannot bear heat of the sun. Difficult swallowing. Gagging on swallowing water, pills Chocking feeling in the throat during agoraphobia. Bluish discoloration of the wounds. Eructations amel. gastric problems.   MODALITIES AGG.: hearing or seeing running water, exposure to sun, dust, drafts. AMEL.: bending backwards; gentle rubbing, hot water bathing. DES.: strange things during pregnancy, salt, chocolate. AVERS.: drinks, water, apples.

28 11, 2016

HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS (Hydr.) – ہائیڈراسٹس Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS (Hydr.)  - ہائیڈراسٹس   VISCID, ROPY DISCHARGES    MENTAL Suited to people that are old, weak, easily tired persons with emaciation, depressed, sure of death and desires it. Irritability. Curses his mother, throws food or medicine across room. Weakness of memory for what is about to do, say, what has happened. Sadness, loathing of life, aversion going out, desires death.   PHYSICAL Acts on the mucus membranes producing increased VISCID, THICK YELLOW, ROPY SECRETIONS/ DISCHARGES (Kali-bi). Discharges, catarrh from ear, larynx, throat, eye, nose, bladder, chest, urethra. Catarrhal conditions esp. of the upper respiratory tract. SINUSITIS. Post-nasal catarrh. Yellow and thick post-nasal discharge. Constant inclination to blow the nose. Bronchitis in old, exhausted persons. Cough > lying, < inhaling cold air. Leucorrhœa ropy, thick, purulent. Action on the liver is marked: cirrhosis, atrophy, congestion, enlargement of liver. Constipation with ineffectual urging <pregnancy, after abuse of drugs. Headache connected with constipation. Tongue indented, flabby, yellow white. Sensation as if the mouth is enlarged. Inflammation of mouth in nursing women. Cancerous ulcers of the skin. Ulcers are burning, sensitive, deep, bleeding when touched. Cracks between toes.  Periodical faintness every day with cold perspiration.   MODALITIES AGG.: after emissions. AMEL.: [...]

28 11, 2016

HEPAR SULPHURIS CALCAREUM (Hep.) – ہیپر سلف Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HEPAR SULPHURIS CALCAREUM (Hep.) - ہیپر سلف   OVERSENSITIVE AND ABUSIVE           MENTAL OVERSENSITIVITY TO PAIN. Fears bees, wasps that sting. They panic and flee. Fears suffering. Irritable. The slightest cause irritates him. Impulses to kill for slight offenses, or wants to set things on fire. Very abusive, angry, impolite. Violent from pain.   PHYSICAL Extremely SENSITIVE TO COLD AIR OR THE SLIGHTEST DRAFT. Must be wrapped up even to the face. Uncovering, exposure to cold, becoming cold or even touching cold things aggravates all complaints. Croupy, choking cough when any part of the body is uncovered. Warmth, wrapping up, warm drinks ameliorate all complaints. Throat pain, stitching, as from splinter when swallowing > warm drinks, covering the throat. STITCHING, SPLINTER LIKE PAINS. Suppurations. The slightest inflammation or injury causes suppuration. Glands swell and suppurate. Discharges are offensive, fetid, smelling like old cheese. Boils, acne, abscesses where the skin is very sensitive to touch and to cold air. There’s even intolerance of clothing.   MODALITIES AGG.: cold, air draft, uncovering, change of temperature, cold drinks. AMEL.: warmth, wrapping up, warm drinks, damp weather. DES.: vinegar, sour food, pungent things, highly seasoned food, alcohol. AVERS.: strong cheese, pungent things. [...]

28 11, 2016

HELLEBORUS NIGER (Hell.) – ہیلوبورس ۔ ہیلی بورس Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HELLEBORUS NIGER (Hell.) - ہیلوبورس ۔ ہیلی بورس   DESPAIR, AGONY, TREMENDOUS ANXIETY with ROLLING OF THE HEAD    MENTAL DULLNESS, STUPEFACTION (SENSORIAL DEPRESSION) nothing is seen or heard distinctly. ABSORBED IN THOUGHTS. Answers slowly, reflects long before answering. Weakness of memory. Forgets what he has just read, said, heard or done. Irresolution. He is in DESPAIR and EXTREME ANXIETY and seeks help. Breathing ameliorates the anxiety.   PHYSICAL Ailments after meningitis, encephalitis, concussion, apoplexy, fright, grief, suppressed eruptions. Meningitis, encephalitis with stupefaction. ROLLING OF HEAD FROM SIDE TO SIDE, chewing motion of jaw, constant motion of lips without speaking, bores head in pillow, VACANT expression, brain cry (“cri encephalique’’). Urine is dark red, almost black, scanty, coffee ground sediment. Stool with colorless, transparent, tenacious mucus. Chill beginning in arms. Internal chill esp. on lying down. Wrinkled eyebrows.   MODALITIES AGG.: 16:00 – 20:00 p.m., cold air, evening, vegetables. AVERS.: apples.

27 11, 2016

HAMAMELIS VIRGINICA (Ham.) – ہیمامیلس ہمامیلس Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  HAMAMELIS VIRGINICA (Ham.)  - ہیمامیلس ہمامیلس   AFFECTIONS OF CIRCULATION, VARICOSE VEINS   MENTAL ANGER, IRRITABILITY. Aversion to company, to being spoken to. Gloomy, depressed. Aversion to work. Absorbed, buried in thoughts. Thinking constantly of his ailments. Abundant of ideas in the morning after a night of restless sleep.  Forgetful esp. of words while speaking.   PHYSICAL The main pathology of this remedy centers on the circulation with extraordinary weakness of the veins. Venous congestion and hæmorrhages. VARICOSE VEINS in any part of the body. Painful, sore, bleeding, stinging, inflamed. Passive hæmmorrhages from any part. Hæmmorrhage from suppressed menses. Vomiting black blood instead of menses or from suppressed menses. Epistaxis combined with varicosities or hæmorrhoids. Bruised soreness of affected parts. Sore pain in eyes. Eyes feel as if forced out. Menses dark, copious with soreness in abdomen. Metrorrhagia occurring between menstrual periods.  Stitching pain in testes extending to stomach.   MODALITIES AGG.: touch, 15:00, exertion, milk.

27 11, 2016

GRAPHITES (Graph.) – گریفائٹس Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  GRAPHITES (Graph.) - گریفائٹس   SKIN ERUPTIONS, GLUEY DISCHARGES, OBESITY, THICK NAILS   MENTAL Simple, practical, down to earth people. Dullness, SLOWNESS, irresolution. SENSITIVE TO MUSIC, WEEPING FROM MUSIC.  Restless while sitting, or working. Fear ameliorated by weeping. Anxiety about trifles, trifles seem important.   PHYSICAL Obese, sensitive individual with a lot of eruptions. AILMENTS FROM SUPPRESSED ERUPTIONS esp. stomach problems. DISCHARGES yellow, sticky, thick, honey-like, offensive (eruptions, ear, nose, urethra). Crusty, scabby eruptions, cracks of skin, fissures. Fissures in anus, corners of mouth etc. Moist, offensive, excoriating, painful eruptions. Eczema esp. behind ears, around mouth. NAILS DESTORTED, BRITTLE, CRIPPLED, THICK AND HARD. Psoriasis of nails. Ingrowing toe nails. Hearing is impaired. Chronic gluey, offensive discharge from ears. Abscess of ear which discharges often (every two weeks). Impaired hearing > noise. Photophobia. Numbness on various parts of the body. Numbness or empty feeling in head. Callosities of palms and soles. High sexual desire or lack of interest. Ailments from sexual excesses. Chilly persons with lack of vital heat.   MODALITIES AGG.: becoming cold, sweets, cold food or drinks. AMEL.: warm drinks, perspiration, lying. DES.: CHICKEN. AVERS.: SALT, SWEETS, FISH, meat, warm food.

27 11, 2016

GLONOIN (Glon.) – گلونائن Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  GLONOIN (Glon.) - گلونائن   AGGRAVATION FROM SUN AND HEAT, SUNSTROKE.   MENTAL Confusion as if being intoxicated, forgets or does not recognize well-known streets, which side is his house. Makes mistakes in localities, does not recognize his relatives. Mental symptoms from injuries to head. Concentration difficult. Memory weakness. Time passes too slowly. Depression. Desires death. Aversion to answering, desire to be silent. Aversion to husband, dislikes her children. Delusions chin is too long, enlarged.  Fear of being poisoned. Attempts to escape, springs suddenly from bed. Shrieking screaming, shouting in children. Striking after convulsions.   PHYSICAL <SUN, HEAT. CONGESTION OF BLOOD. FLUSHES OF HEAT UPWARDS esp. TO HEAD. Hypertension. Heat in chest extending to head. Heat of face with headache, during palpitation. PULSATIONS. Pulsating headache esp. forehead and temples. HEADACHE /CONGESTION FROM EXPOSURE TO SUN. SUNSTROKE. Cannot bear heat or sun on head, even artificial light. Bursting, pulsating headaches. Heaviness of head as if it would burst. Heat and burning of vertex. Heat on cervical region extending up. Eyes staring during headache. Headache instead of menses.  Enlarged feeling i.e. head, tongue. Brain feels large.   MODALITIES AGG.: SUN, warm (stove, air, becoming, room, bed, wraps), wine, lying, motion. AMEL.: [...]

26 11, 2016


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  GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS (Gels.) - جیلسی میم   In Gelsemium the weakness and trembling are the main characteristics. Those individuals are totally afraid; they are trembling psychologically and physically especially from anticipation or when they have to perform. The mind is weak and confused. The muscles feel also weak to a state of paralysis.   WEAKNESS & TREMBLING ON ALL LEVELS   MENTAL COWARDICE. TIMIDITY APPEARING IN PUBLIC, even in a small group. AILMENTS FROM BAD NEWS, FROM ANTICIPATION. Dullness of mind, difficulty of thinking > flow of urine.   PHYSICAL Lack of muscular coordination- TREMBLING OF LOWER LIMBS. AILMENTS FROM ANTICIPATION, FRIGHT, EXCITEMENT, BAD NEWS, GRIEF. DIARRHŒA from anticipation. HEAVINESS OF LIDS, falling of lids esp. during headache, but can accompany any disease. HEADACHE AMELIORATED BY URINATION. Feeling as if HEART WOULD STOP BEATING, UNLESS HE’S CONSTANTLY ON THE MOVE. Chilliness up and down the back. Occipital vertigo with disturbances of vision (dim vision, obscuration or loss of vision). Diplopia.   MODALITIES AGG.: fright, anger, physical exertion, wet weather. AMEL.: copious urination, alcoholic drinks, stimulants, perspiration.