NATRUM MURIATICUM (Nat-m.) – نیٹرم میور – نیٹرم میوریاٹیکم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  NATRUM MURIATICUM (Nat-m.) - نیٹرم میور  - نیٹرم میوریاٹیکم   The characteristic of Nat-m. is the fear of rejection, of being ridiculed. They are very sensitive and vulnerable, so if they get hurt they close up, keeping their sorrow inside and eventually become hard, with no emotions to the extent that they cannot cry. The fear of being ridiculed prevents them from doing things. If they cry they’ll be alone to avoid the ridicule to others. They are proper and perfectionists. The grief leaves scars on them, they change and become closed and mistrustful. They think of the grief for a long time after, cannot overcome it. It is interesting that salt is used as preservation medium.   INTROVERTED, VULNERABLE, AILMENTS FROM GRIEF   MENTAL Emotional vulnerability makes her reserved and oversensitive. AILMENTS FROM GRIEF, FROM DISAPPOINTED LOVE. Silent grief. Dwells on past, disagreeable circumstances. Cannot weep though sad. Aversion to company. CONSOLATION AGGRAVATES. Prefers to be alone. Presence of people is intolerable during urination. Cannot urinate. Avoids being hurt at all cost. Fear of rejection. Fear of being ridiculed. Fear of robbers. Hysterical weeping. Weeping alternating with laughing. Laughing immoderately, at unsuitable times. Uncontrollable emotions, falls in love [...]