SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA (Spig.) سپائجیلیا انتھیلمیا – سپائی جیلیا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA (Spig.) سپائجیلیا انتھیلمیا - سپائی جیلیا   NEURALGIA   MENTAL FEAR OF INJECTIONS, PINS. Delusions floating in air. Restless and anxious. Easily offended. Weak memory. Buried in thought, absorbed.   PHYSICAL Affects the nerves: trifacial nerves, heart, eyes, teeth, left side. PAINS: neuralgic, burning, like hot needles, jerking, tearing, stitching, extending to other parts. HEART AFFECTIONS COMBINED WITH EYE COMPLAINTS. Violent, audible palpitations < bending chest forward. Angina pectoris < least motion, lying on left side, deep inspiration. Pain extends to back. Eye: Glaucoma, intolerable pressing pain in eyeballs <left. Sensation of enlargement. As if eye is too large for the orbit. Body sensitive to touch. Touched part feels chilly. MODALITIES AGG.: smoke and tobacco, motion, cold, walking, dry weather, cold wet weather. AMEL.: bathing- also the affected part, wet weather, lying (esp. right side), while eating, loosening the clothing. DES.: Warm drinks, alcohol. AVERS.: Coffee.