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  (George Vithoulkas describes the homeopathic remedy Bismuth, carefully distinguishing it from Arsenicum and Phosphorus.)   Bismuth is a remedy which should be thought of in cases where the focus of the problem lies in the stomach region. Severe stomach pain of whatever origin is a strong indicator for this remedy, particularly in cases of pure gastritis, and inflammation of the mucous lining of the stomach. The Bismuth patient’s face is earthy, pale, with blue rings around eyes; there is great thirst for cold drinks in the evening, nausea and pressure in stomach after eating with great drowsiness in the morning. He may experience flushes of heat over head and chest and feel prostrated. Any derangement in the health of the individual has repercussions on the stomach; thus Bismuth may be classed with the group of remedies whose common factor is a weakness in the stomach region, such as: Nat-c., Ant-c., Nux-v., Rob., Kali-c and Kreosotum The characteristics of the Bismuth gastritis are severe burning, pinching, cramping or lancinating pains with violent vomiting of enormous quantities of food. The epigastric pain usually extends to the spine. The pain is temporarily relieved by drinking cold water, but as soon as the [...]