28 02, 2017

SECALE CORNUTUM (Sec.) – سیکیل کار – سکیل کار – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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SECALE CORNUTUM (Sec.)  - سیکیل کار - سکیل کار   ACTS MAINLY ON THE CIRCULATION   MENTAL Shameless, exposes the person. Wants to be naked. Raging, violent, muttering, maniacal delirium. Restlessness. Discouraged and anxious. Apathy. Suicidal disposition to throw himself from a height. Senility. Confusion of mind.   PHYSICAL Hot remedy. Aggravated by warmth both generally and locally. Although he is hot and does not want covers, the skin feels cold to touch. Icy coldness with sweat and blueness but cannot bear to be covered, desires to uncover. Chill and coldness of extremities but uncovering ameliorates. GANGRENE of any part of the body esp. distal parts of extremities (foot, toes, hand, fingers). Senile gangrene. Gangrenous swelling ulcers, eruptions, vesicles. Gangrene of foot with burning, tearing pains. Claudication. Cramps in legs while walking or from exertion. Formication in thigh, fingers, hand, lower limbs, foot. Haemorrhagic tendency (hematuria, epistaxis, purpura, metrorrhagia). Epistaxis in young women, drunkards, old people. Dark, black blood, thin or clotted epistaxis. Often offensive.   MODALITIES AGG.: warm (stove, wraps, air, room, bed, becoming), touch, motion. AMEL.: cold, open air, vomiting.

28 02, 2017

SARSAPARILLA (Sars.) – سارسیپریلا – سرساپریلا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  SARSAPARILLA (Sars.) - سارسیپریلا  - سرساپریلا   MAINLY FOR URINARY TRACK INFECTIONS   MENTAL Mental depression caused by the pains. Weeping before and during micturition. Changeable mood, alternating. Excitable, industrious during heat.   PHYSICAL CYSTITIS WITH PAIN IN THE BLADDER and URETHRA AT THE CLOSE OF THE URINATION. Frequent urging to urinate. Ineffectual urging. Last part of urine is bloody with violent pain in the bladder. Burning pain after urination. Can only pass urine while standing, dribbling while sitting but passes freely when standing. Chills spread from the bladder. Coldness of back after urinating. Sediment in urine. Deep, bloody, burning cracks on bends of hands, fingers, thumb, feet. Itching eruptions on the lids of eyes. Retraction of nipples.   MODALITIES AGG.: vomiting, bathing, motion of affected part, sexual excitement, bread, getting wet, night. AMEL.: loosening clothing, haemorrhage, cold, standing. DES.: juicy, refreshing things.

27 02, 2017

SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS (Sang.) – سینگونیریا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS (Sang.) - سینگونیریا   COMPLAINTS ESPECIALLY HEADACHES > VOMITING   MENTAL Delusions that people around her are talking rapidly. LASSITUDE, indisposed to move or make any mental effort. Delusion she was in some vehicle which was moving and jarring her, begs others to hold her. Desires to be held. Oversensitive to noise. Irritable, morose.   PHYSICAL Right - sided remedy affecting the head, liver, chest and right deltoid. VOMITING AND NAUSEA accompany complaints. VOMITING AMELIORATES. HEADACHE > VOMITING, sleep, passing flatus or eructation. Headache starts from right occipital protuberance and extend to the eye. Periodic headaches often every 7 days. Photophobia during headache. PERIARTHRITIS OF SHOULDER JOINT < right arm and shoulder. Cannot raise the arm < AT NIGHT. All arthritic complaints aggravated by wet weather. Right-sided coryza (Ars.) Sensitive to odors. Odors induce nausea, aggravate the hay fever. Heat and burning of palms and soles. Uncovers the feet in bed at night. Congestion of blood to head, chest and abdomen. Flushes of heat and general pulsations. Redness of ears. Circumscribed red cheeks. Cough > eructation, flatus, vomiting. Pain at the root of the nose.   MODALITIES AGG: lying, stormy weather, motion of affected part. AMEL.: vomiting, lying [...]

22 02, 2017

Speech of Prof. George Vithoulkas at his Nomination as Honorary Professor at Cheboksary Medical University

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  Reprinted Courtesy the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH) Dear Rector Prof. Ludmila Gerasimova, Vice Rector Prof. Tamara Denisova, Director of Homeopathic Center Dr. Nadezhda Pakhmutova, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, This is the year of Russian Greek friendship and it is my hope and wish that will last forever. Our therapeutic methodology is one of peace and balance that can bring union, love and friendship between people and countries that today are in a turmoil and aggression. This Homeopathic therapeutic methodology, established 200 years ago, by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, is starting now to be accepted in several open, pioneering medical institutions of higher learning. The world today is desperately searching for avenues to improve the treatment of degenerative diseases. It is therefore a blessing that medical schools are opening their doors to a therapeutic modality that can bring about a feeling of integration and serenity within suffering individuals. This decision of the senate will be hailed by us as the turning point in global medicine and I am sure will be appreciated highly by the future generations. This affiliation with your esteemed University, the State Autonomous University of Chuvash Republic, I hope to become a work place [...]

19 02, 2017

SAMBUCUS NIGRA (Samb.) سمبوکس – سیمبوکس – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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SAMBUCUS NIGRA (Samb.) سمبوکس - سیمبوکس   RESPIRATORY AFFECTIONS WITH EXCESSIVE PERSPIRATION   MENTAL Suffocative attacks of asthma after fright. Mental symptoms during perspiration (confusion, restlessness, starting, unconsciousness, anxiety). Fear and anxiety during suffocative attacks.   PHYSICAL Mostly a children's remedy. Perspiration in bed before sleep and after waking. Perspiration of the affected parts only while awake. AS SOON AS HE GOES TO BED THE PERSPIRATION STOPS AND THE SKIN BECOMES DRY AND BURNING. Dry heat during sleep, profuse perspiration on waking. Perspiration with aversion to uncovering. General sweat except the head. Wakes up after a few hours of sleep with dyspnea and profuse perspiration. The child wakes nearly suffocated, he cannot exhale the air. Asthma, dyspnoea worse at night. Frequent attacks of dyspnoea or asthma at night, esp. after midnight, must spring out of bed. Bluish face in asthma. Dry nose completely obstructed with suffocative feeling. Because of obstruction infants have difficulty in breastfeeding. Kidney problems with asthmatic attacks. Kidney problems with oedematous, dropsical swelling of extremities. Coldness of feet and hands and feet with heat of the body. Cough with excessive mucus in the larynx.   MODALITIES AGG.: lying, uncovering, after midnight, beginning of motion, change of position. AMEL.: [...]

19 02, 2017

SABINA (Sabin.) – سبائنا – سبائینا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  SABINA (Sabin.) - سبائنا - سبائینا   METRORRHAGIA WITH BIG CLOTS   MENTAL Closed, feels forsaken, sad and melancholic < consolation. Oversensitive to music, sadness from music. Music is intolerable, it goes through the bones. Oversensitive to slightest noise. Crying or speaking about their emotions is difficult. Non communicative, indisposed to talk. Desire to be alone. The INTENSITY IS EXPRESSED AT NIGHT where they cry and talk during sleep. Confusion. Tired, looks for the bed.   PHYSICAL HORMONAL IMBALANCE resulting to excessive sexual desire, uterine complaints (polypus, myoma etc.), metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea, abortions. HAEMORRHAGES - (menses, metrorrhagia) always PROFUSE with BIG CLOTS. Metrorrhagia gushing, in paroxysms, during and after labor, between menstrual periods. Metrorrhagia worse with motion but better walking. PAIN IN THE LUMBAR / SACRAL REGION EXTENDING TO THE PUBIS - in nearly all pathology. Pain in uterus extending back to groin. Sexual desire greatly increased- insatiable, violent sexual desire < during metrorrhagia. Miscarriages esp. in the 3rd month. Pain in thigh esp. on the anterior part   <walking. Arthritic pain in joints.   MODALITIES AGG.: motion, touch, warmth (warm room, bed), change of temperature. AMEL.: open air, cold. DES.: juicy, refreshing things, lemonade.

19 02, 2017

SABADILLA (Sabad.) – سباڈلا – سباڈیلا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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SABADILLA (Sabad.) - سباڈلا  - سباڈیلا   HAY FEVER, HAY ASTHMA WITH SNEEZING   MENTAL Erroneous ideas as to the state of his body. Delusions that parts of the body are DEFORMED, e.g. feel that the body is shrunken, that parts are shrunken. Delusions she’s pregnant. Feels like there is a worm in the mouth, pharynx. Imagines herself sick. Hypochondriac. Delusions that he has incurable disease. Fear of death, evil, water.   PHYSICAL Hay fever, hay asthma. Affects the upper respiratory track with characteristic PAROXYSMAL SNEEZING with epistaxis and excessive lachrymation. Coryza > warm room. Chilly. Warm room, warm bed, warm drinks, stove ameliorate. Headache from mental exertion or putting too eager attention into anything. Pain in vertex on coughing. Sensation of a lump, foreign body in the throat, or sensation something hanging there like a bundle of hair with a desire to swallow or hawk it. Dry throat and cough. Sore throat in left side extending to right ear. Worms in children. Convulsions from worms. Vomiting worms. Formication in the anus. Itching in the ear alternating with itching in anus. Restlessness of legs during heat. Sore, bruised pains in spots Heat in head and face with chilliness in hands [...]

6 02, 2017

Serious mistakes in meta-analysis of homeopathic research – Prof. George Vithoulkas

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Abstract The article discussed the immanent problems of meta-analyses selecting a number of independent trials in homeopathy, within which, the purpose was to examine the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment. Our focus lied in clarifying that the complex effects of homeopathic treatment known from history and day-to-day practice have not been respected so far. The examination of most of the homeopathic trials showed that studies rarely account for homeopathic principles, in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. The main flaw was that trials reflect the point of view that the treatment with a specific remedy could be administered in a particular disease. However, homeopathy aims to treat the whole person, rather than the diseases and each case has to be treated individually with an individualized remedy. Furthermore, the commonly known events during the course of homeopathic treatment, such as “initial aggravation” and “symptom-shift” were not considered in almost all the studies. Thus, only few trials were eligible for meta-analyses, if at all. These and other factors were discussed and certain homeopathic principles were suggested to be respected in further trials. It is expected, that a better understanding of homeopathic principles would provide guidelines for homeopathic research, which are more [...]

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