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January 2016

Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment of Cysts in the Breasts, Ear Discharge, Dust Allergy – A Case Study

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(August 10, 2015) I received following email from one of my patient from Islamabad who was cured through our online treatment system. I'm sending you the details of my sister. She has been asking me for quite a time to ask you about her problems. Now she is suffering badly so I thought to ask for your kind suggestion. Since childhood she was an asthma patient. For that she took medicine at that time. No idea what kind of those were. She has  dust allergy. The main issue is of her ears. There is always swelling and fluid coming out of it. The colour of fluid is always green. It hurts a lot. She suffers high fever and pain in ears. First the ears look like full of fungus then it start discharging. She used to see homeo doctor and took medicine for two years but of no use. She got better when he did wash her ears with some soda like thing. After that she used to get relaxed for sometime. Lately, she has seen an ENT specialist but it also made no difference. The problem remained the same. She has some cysts in her breasts. She got her [...]

September 2014

Homeopathic treatment and best homeopathic medicines for Hairfall or Alopecia

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Hairfall or Baldness - cause for worry One of the biggest worries that can be caused by a seemingly harmless thing is that caused by falling of hair or hair loss as it immediately throws up a stark image of a bald pate, which no one wants to have. The very thought of hair fall tends to lower your confidence about your looks. It may even make you a target of jokes. A commonly heard joke in our part of the world is that if one is losing hair, it is an indication that he is becoming rich. In reality, the opposite is more likely to be true. A person with falling hair ends up losing or spending a fortune trying to stop the hair from falling and preserving one’s crowning glory. Moreover, there is no dearth of enterprising people out to fleece such patients who are already hassled. Causes of Hair fall or Baldness To understand the causes of hairfall, it is important to understand the normal process of growth and fall of hair. The hair are constantly undergoing a normal cyclic process of growth and fall at the same time.  There are three phases of the life cycle [...]

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